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Just a little thing we made up. Yes,don't you feel secluded now?

I am vain. I like feeling the wind on my face,knowing that it's touching me and that i'm alive. I have low self esteem. When i convince myself i don't look too bad,i feel arrogant. I want to be hugged on winter days. I want to wake up in the morning with some guy lying beside me. I need to apply myself better at school. I envy some movie stars. I long for an unusual life. I am weird. I like dysfunctional movies, such as Cruel Intentions and American Beauty. I want to be like Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions and end up with a screwed life that fixes itself and,after all that,you still get the hot guy. I do some things before thinking. I will get pissed off if you annoy me. I bitch about people. It makes me feel better. I whinge. I talk too much. Maybe i am your typical teenager. I like to think not, as i don't wear short skirts and shirts. I like being alone. I think tear stained eyes make me look pretty. I am intrigued by certain illnesses. I will snap at you if you push my buttons too far.